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BoxArt Roadmap

BoxArt and BoxArt-Boiler are both under active development. This list represents some of the anticipated capabilities and features that will be coming to the library and the boilerplate; we welcome you to get involved in our planning process or participate in feature development through our boxart-boiler waffle board.

Planned BoxArt core components & capabilities

BoxArt defines presentation-agnostic helpers for structuring common types of layout, interaction and data management that can occur in games.

Planned BoxArt Boiler helper components

BoxArt-Boiler provides skins and themes to give BoxArt components visible form, and provides less-generalizable components to handle more game-specific game tasks. The boilerplate also provides an existing scaffold and build process for BoxArt-derived games.

Webpack plugins & asset packaging pipelines

Asset management and efficient resource packaging and deployment are essential components for a smooth development process and quality user experience for web games. Several Webpack components are under development that will streamline how assets (images, sound and more) can be packaged and loaded within games.